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Aug 22- How a man can reduce his stress

Aug 18- Handling disappointment

Aug 17- How to stay strong during adversity

Aug 15- How a man can develop healthy friendships

Aug 11- How to become respected by your wife

Aug 10- How to experience the love of Jesus

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Need in-depth help on an issue?
B.O.B recommends these books/websites:

  Sexual integrity:                                                          Fathers:
  Eyes of Integrity by Craig Gross   Extreme Pursuit by John Davis
  Porn Nation by Michael Leahy     52 Things Kids Need From a Dad by Jay Payleitner
  Every Man's Battle by Stephen Arterburn    A Father for Our Father by Dr Scott Johnson
  Torn Asunder by Dave Carder      Who's Your Daddy Now? by Doug Stringer
   Husbands:                                                                   Leadership:

   Love and War by John Eldredge        Leading From Our Knees by Joe Turnham
   The Marriage Prayer by Patrick Morley                            Leading With a Limp by Dan Allender
   Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick  Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard
   The Christian Husband by Bob Lepine               Lead Vertically by Craig Johnson

  • Band of Brothers Radio is designed to provide a "safe" place for men to be encouraged and instructed, without being judged or condemned.

  • We are a group of pastors and men's ministry leaders who are willing to be transparent with our own challenges and experiences.  

  • Each show, we search God's Word to provide instruction and hope for men who are struggling with serious issues and pain.   All questions are welcome!

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