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     Karolyn is a speaker, teacher and trainer who leads retreats and workshops, and also helps develop effective church leadership and prayer teams.  She has been counseling professionally since 1981, is licensed in Washington State as a Clinical Social Worker, and currently maintains a private counseling practice.  
      Karolyn Merriman is an insightful, Bible-based speaker and teacher; whose wisdom and examples make even complex topics easy to understand.   She is frank and direct, yet her delivery is filled with grace.  Her audience can expect a fresh perspective on familiar Biblical truths.  
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Karolyn is a sought-after presenter of workshops, seminars, retreats, and leadership training.  Her broad experience includes presentations to such diverse audiences as churches, pastors, church staff and lay leaders, Christian writers, crisis interventionists, men’s and women’s groups, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS), parish nurses, prayer teams, singles groups, street ministry employees, and recovery leaders.

A few of the many topics she teaches include:
Change Your Family’s Future
Dealing with Difficult People
Don’t Waste Your Pain
Enrich Your Prayer Life
Freedom from Fear and Anxiety
God’s Emotional Healing Process
Growing Through Grief and Loss
Healing from Abuse and Neglect
The HEART of a Leader
Resolving Resentment
Healthy Sexuality

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Dec 21- How to handle a boundary-busting family

Dec 20- Recognizing harmful communication styles

Dec 18- Creating an adult relationship with your anger

Dec 14- How to truly love your enemy

Dec 13- Helpful insights about grieving

Dec 11- Learning to open up your heart again

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